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For almost 30 years Oracle has been helping customers like you manage your business systems and information with reliable secure and integrated technologies.

Today Oracle is the largest business software company in the world with more than 320000 customers â
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For almost 30 years Oracle has been helping customers like you manage your business systems and information with reliable secure and integrated technologies.

Today Oracle is the largest business software company in the world with more than 320000 customers â
Agile Product Lifecycle Management
Agile Product Lifecycle Management Agile PLM manages the enterprise product record the single system of record for product information required to maximize profitability throughout the lifecycle. Containing the rich information that uniquely defines all aspects of a product at each stage in its lifecycle the product record includes all of the information required by the across a global product network to conceptualize design source build sell service and dispose of products. Through
Data Center Solutions for Enabling the EcoEnterprise
The phenomenal growth of the scope and power of the data center has significantly increased its energy consumption. IT teams are monitoring server and storage utilization and must consider ways to raise utilization levels so that IT hardware does not sit idle while consuming power and driving up ventilation and cooling costs.
Enterprise Risk Management for Financial Services
In today's financial services industry quantifying and managing risk is critical to maximizing both shareholder value and longterm competitive positioning. Yet many banks and financial services organizations are operating with inaccurate or incomplete risk information despite current industry estimates that place the total worldwide credit exposures at over US 300 trillion. Enterprise risk management solutions span all areas of risk including credit market operational liquidity fixed
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise IHE
Oracle is proud to support Integrating the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise IHE an initiative by healthcare professionals and the health IT industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information.
Integrating the Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Enterprise IHE
Oracle is proud to support Integrating the Integrating the Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Enterprise IHE an initiative by Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Biotech professionals and the health IT industry to improve the way computer systems in Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Biotech share information.
JD Edwards World Customer Self Service
JD Edwards World Customer Self Service gives you the power to costeffectively extend your supply chain through collaboration. The applications are intuitive and easy to use enabling customers who do not know PeopleSoft software to use the system over the internet with ease.
My Oracle Support
My Oracle Support our exclusive Web support portal provides instant access to the latest support information forums communities and product alerts"
Oracle Analytic and Business Intelligence Applications
Oracle offers the industry's most comprehensive set of analytic and business intelligence applications with capabilities such as corporate performance management interactive dashboarding and embedded analytic functionality. These open prebuilt industryspecific business intelligence applications provide actionable intelligence for each business function and user role.
Oracle and Linux
The Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program delivers enterpriseclass support for Linux with premier backports comprehensive management indemnification testing and more all at significantly lower cost.
Oracle Budgeting and Planning
Oracle Budgeting and Planning provides financial services institutions with a planning solution that encompasses all aspects of the planning process including profit planning budgeting strategy formulation head count planning and activitybased budgeting. Integrate and Streamline your Performance Planning and Analysis As one of the analytical applications integrated within the Oracle Financial Services Applications OFSA family of products Oracle Budgeting and Planning works seamlessly
Oracle Business Intelligence
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus Oracle BI EE Plus is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. Featuring a unified highly scalable modern architecture Oracle BI EE Plus provides intelligence and analytics from data spanning enterprise sources and applications"
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
Oracle is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management EPM unifying Performance Management and Business Intelligence BI supporting a broad range of strategic financial and operational management processes.
Oracle Business Process Management Suite
Oracle Business Process Management Suite Oracle BPM Suite drives more efficiency visibility and agility from a broader range of processes than any other suite of products. Whether the process is a lineofbusiness mandate or an IT exercise in systems integration Oracle BPM Suite offers the flexibility that the business demands handinhand with the power IT requires. The result is an agile and flexible platform based on your existing applications that allows you to react quickly to new bu
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management puts communications service providers in control of their business empowering them to succeed in an increasingly competitive market while meeting changing consumer demands headon. Many of the world's largest and most innovative service providers such as France Telecom Vodafone FASTWEB US Cellular Telecom Argentina Sony XM Satellite Radio and Telstra rely on Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management solutions to achieve t
Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management
Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management streamlines and incorporates the management of networks and services in complex nextgeneration and traditional environments. The application is uniquely designed to support a number of business processes including service fulfillment and assurance as well as to enable seamless nextgeneration network and service transformation. Unlike traditional inventory systems that are only networkcentric Oracle's nextgeneration inventory management p
Oracle Contact Center Anywhere
Oracle Contact Center Anywhere formerly Telephony@Work CallCenterAnywhere is a preintegrated multichannel contact center platform that takes communications from anywhere and routes them to anywhere. This platform includes queuing and routing of traditional phone calls in addition to email chat fax and web callback requests. It also provides blended predictive and preview dialing interactive voice response IVR multichannel reporting tools for supervisors to manage the call center an
Oracle CRM On Demand
Oracle CRM On Demand gives you the power to break down departmental silos and gain a 360degree view of your customers. A highly comprehensive yet fasttodeploy CRM solution Oracle CRM On Demand goes far beyond any other softwareasaservice offering. Bring clarity to your sales processes build loyal longterm customer relationships accelerate productivity boost call center efficiency and derive customer intelligence. With Oracle CRM On Demand you can do all this and more "
Oracle CRM On Demand Analytics
You need information to help you make informed intelligent realtime business decisions. You need information to understand what's happening across your organization. You'll get that information with Oracle CRM On Demand. It's the industry's most comprehensive hosted CRM solutionwith fully interactive analytic capabilities that let you gain deep insight into your business. By combining realtime and historical prebuilt and ad hoc reports as well as customizable dashboards Oracle CRM On De
Oracle Customer Hub
Oracle Customer Hubisa Customer Data IntegrationCDI solution that enables organizations to centralize information from heterogeneous systems creating a single view of customer information that can be leveraged across all functional departments and analyticals ystems.
Oracle Data Integration Suite
Oracle's Fully Integrated BestofBreed Data Integration Solution Oracle Data Integration Suite includes a comprehensive set of data management components for building deploying and managing enterprise data integration solutions. It includes the necessary components for data movement data quality data profiling and metadata management for solving any data integration and data management challenge. Together with serviceoriented architecture SOA Oracle Data Integration Suite provides the
Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition
Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition delivers unique nextgeneration Extract Load and Transform ELT technology that improves performance reduces data integration costs even across heterogeneous systems. Unlike conventional ETL tools Oracle Data Integrator EE offers the productivity of a declarative design approach as well as the benefits of an active integration platform for seamless batch and realtime integration. In addition hotpluggable Knowledge Modules provide modularity f
Oracle Data Mining
Oracle Data Mining ODM "
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition delivers industry leading performance scalability security and reliability on a choice of clustered or singleservers running Windows Linux and UNIX. It provides comprehensive features to easily manage the most demanding transaction processing business intelligence and content management applications.
Oracle Database Lite 10g
The latest release of Oracle Database Lite includes multidevice user sharing file based synchronization support for RAC databases and more to further promote business efficiency while enforcing business processes and reducing communication delays.
The Oracle Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Application Serverautomatically gathers detailed configuration information about all designated systems and components across the enterprise. It provides capabilities such as search and compare across all systems configuration monitoring policy management and compliance support and comprehensive reporting. It also includes a critical patch advisory. This pack helps automate the timeconsuming and error prone process ofmanaging hardware Fus
Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
Oracle Enterprise Service Bus provides everything you need for seamless integration of data and enterprise applications within your organization and with trading partners. Oracle Enterprise Service Bus is a key component of a ServiceOriented Architecture providing lowcost standardsbased integration between systems for greater IT flexibility and responsiveness. SOA allows organizations to more easily manage the complexity of their heterogeneous environment without vendor lockin to proprie
Oracle FLEXCUBE is preferred by more than 390 financial institutions in over 125 countries.
Oracle Healthcare Integration
One of the healthcare industry's greatest information technology challenges is to find a reliable secure and costeffective method for sharing information. Oracle Healthcare Integration provides heathcare industry organizations with a flexible secure and costeffective platform for enterprisewide information sharing.
Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management
As companies grow and evolve it becomes essential to manage master data across information silos that result from mergers and acquisitions departmental initiatives or legacy system proliferation. Data consistency integrity quality and accuracy suffer. And no one trusts the information and insight that ensues. Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management previously known as Hyperion Master Data Management provides enterprises with a solution to build consistency within master data asset
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a comprehensive Webbased application that delivers global financial consolidation reporting and analysis in a single highly scalable software solution. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management utilizes today's most advanced technology yet is built to be owned and maintained by the enterprise's finance team.
Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis Web Analysis
Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis Web Analysis software is a module of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus that delivers powerful intuitive Webbased interactive analytics to all corners of the enterprise. A highly graphical and easytouse interactive interface it enables users to view their data in a way that makes sense to them. Web Analysis facilitates access to packaged application and multidimensional data sources such as Hyperion Performance Management applicatio
Oracle Insurance Data Capture
Oracle Insurance Data Capture is a Webbased application that eliminates redundant entry for producers customer service representatives applicants and underwriters.
Oracle Platform for SaaS
Enabling SaaS Vendors to Build Deploy and Manage Software as a Service The Oracle Platform for SaaS includes Oracle Database Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle VM a comprehensive open and integrated set of technologies that allow ISVs to build deploy and manage SaaS and cloudbased applications. The Oracle Platform for SaaS provides ISVs a single integrated platform for both onpremise and cloudbased deployments allowing ISVs to offer their customers a choi
Oracle Retail Category Management
Oracle Retail Category Management applies scientifically based space optimization calculations to generate optimal space allocation recommendations that maximize revenue and profits. It meets the needs of different types of retailers allowing retailers use different methodologies to define their product mix. Hardlines retailers for example can follow category management best practices while softlines retailers concentrate on defining assortment depth and breadth. Oracle Retail Category M
Oracle SCM
With Oracle SCM companies can build and operate world class valuechains for profitable growth. The Oracle EBusiness Suite Supply Chain Management R12 family of applications integrates and automates all key supply chain processes from design planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment providing a complete solution set to enable companies to power informationdriven value chains. Companies can anticipate market requirements and risks adapt and innovate to respond to volatil
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g a standalone product from Oracle enables a secure high quality easytouse search across all enterprise information assets
Oracle Service Bus for financial services
Oracle Service Bus for financial services provides a serviceoriented architecture SOA platform that radically changes the landscape for how financial institutions and corporations think about payments settlements and electronic trading. By helping companies comply with industry leading standards SWIFT FIX and SEPA through a serviceoriented integration approach. Oracle Service Bus for financial services enables companies to consolidate payment infrastructures reduce the time to complia
Oracle Student Learning is an enterpriseclass software solution for K12 schools that has been designed to support contemporary 21st century paradigms of schooling.
Oracle UCM Web Content Management
Oracle Universal Content Management UCM provides an enterpriseclass Web content management framework with the tools necessary to effectively manage Web sites. It dramatically improves Web publishing productivity and enables organizations to maintain accurate timely and current Web content with consistent branding and presentation across all corporate sites. For a quick introduction to Oracle's multisite Web content management solution view our 2 minute explainer.
Oracle Universal Content Management
Oracle Universal Content Management UCM is the industry's most unified enterprise content management platform that enables you to leverage marketleading document management Web content management digital asset management and records retention functionality to build and complement your business applications. Building a strategic enterprise content management infrastructure for content and applications helps you to reduce costs easily share content across the enterprise minimize risk aut
Oracle Utilities business intelligence
Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities products help you access organize and use the data you need to monitor activity make decisions and meet goals. Using that base utilities can identify risks determine trends more accurately forecast and identify causeandeffect relationships that otherwise might not have been apparent.
Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management
Customer service representatives dispatchers and technicians must be in sync with one another at all times. And all personnel must have access to timely information about the status to keep customers satisfied. Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management formerly SPL Mobile Workforce Management is an integrated endtoend solution that guarantees service availability and automates field operations via stateofthemarket dispatch scheduling and routing.
Oracle VM
Oracle VM is server virtualization software that fully supports both Oracle and nonOracle applications and delivers more efficient performance. Backed by Oracle's worldclass support organization customers now have a single point of enterpriseclass support for their entire virtualization environments including Oracle Database Fusion Middleware Applications and Linux which are certified with Oracle VM.
Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Cash Management
Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Cash Management enables you to monitor and forecast cash requirements perform automated bank reconciliations distribute payments efficiently and securely and automatically generate accounting entries. Cash Management's new Financial Gateway feature facilitates straightthrough payment processing providing a single platform for seamless communication between banks financial institutions and corporations to process all payments and receipts.
Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional Project Management
Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional Project Management gives today's project managers and schedulers the one thing they value most control. Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional Project Management the recognized standard for highperformance project management software is designed to handle largescale highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. It can be used to organize projects up to 100000 activities and it provides unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans. Massive
Oracle's Private Banking
The evolution of the discerning customer with sophisticated needs has created a unique opportunity for wealth managers. Oracle for Financial Services can help enterprises service their high networth customers through superior CRM dynamic asset allocation and comprehensive easytoaccess portfolio analyses. Oracle's tailored solutions for private banking enable banks financial institutions and other wealth management service providers to deliver both selfdirected and adviserdriven wealt
Oracle9i Database
Oracle9i Database provides efficient reliable secure data management for highend applications such as highvolume online transaction processing OLTP environments queryintensive data warehouses and demanding Internet applications. Oracle also offers several additional optional database products that enhance the capabilities of Oracle9i Database for specific application requirements.
PeopleSoft CRM Analytics
In truly customercentric companies every person within the organization has a deep understanding of the customer within the context of their role. Executives strategically understand customers and their value to the company including overall satisfaction and overall profitability of each key customer segment. Managers track realtime operational metrics on the daytoday activities of their teams. And frontline users"
PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management
Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise financial management solutions can help you gain visibility into businesscritical information strengthen financial discipline and governance best practices and realize efficiencies by automating and standardizing key business processes. These applications integrate with other solutions across departmental lines to help you implement departmental and industry best practices for all of your business processes. Tight Integration Modular Adoption PeopleSoft Enter
PeopleSoft Enterprise Partner Relationship Management
At a time when businesses need to maximize every resource available to them building strong partner relationships and effective channel strategies have become even more mission critical. Partners provide a costeffective way to extend your enterprise providing you with broader geographic and market reach. When leveraged appropriately they enable you to drive revenue growth streamline operations and improve efficiency.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Partner Strategic Planning
Partner Strategic Planning gives channel and alliance managers a flexible tool to create joint partner business plans and define specific objectives. Over time actual performance can be compared to targets and forecasts for variance analysis and evaluation of key success factors or reasons for underperformance.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Promotions Management
Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Promotions Management offers a flexible comprehensive way to manage and optimize your trade fund spending. Our closedloop solution integrates with your supply chain management software and financial systems for flawless promotion forecasting planning tracking reporting execution and analysis. Manage trade marketing trade deductions funds tracking sales trade deal payments and customer claims to maximize your promotional ROI.PeopleSoft Promotions Manage
PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management SCM
Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management SCM provides a cohesive yet flexible solution for the synchronized supply chain driving efficiencies in cost savings over your entire supply chain"
Siebel Partner Relationship Management
Oracle PRM which now includes Siebel is the market leading comprehensive channel management solution that allows brand owners to achieve their channel business objectives. With the best industryspecific PRM solutions proven customer successes and unmatched deployment options Oracle PRM is the clear channel management leader
Oracle CRM for Business Services
Data Sheet
Oracle CRM for Business Services Maximizes Contract Profitability.
Oracle Insurance Introduces Newest Version of Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting
Press Release
Release Extends MarketLeading Product Capabilities to International Insurance Markets
Managing the Product Value Chain for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry
White Paper
The industrial product manufacturing industry is in constant flux driven by relentless financial pressure demand cyclicality and increasing customer need for ever more complex products.
Oracle CRM for 351
Data Sheet
Oracle CRM for 351 Maximizes Contract Profitability.
Greening the Extended High Technology Industry How Oracle Helps Achieve Environmental Sustainability
White Paper
Expanding global consumption of consumer and other electronic equipment is a driving force behind the entire high technology industry.
Oracle Student Learning OSL
White Paper
Oracle Student Learning OSL is a new category of software that places the student at the center of the learning process
Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 1.5 Performance Benchmark on Exadata 1
White Paper
Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management is an enterpriseclass application suite built on open standards designed for high levels of automation and scalability for the transformation storage validation estimation and retrieval of meter data.
Managing the Product Value Chain for the Industrial 362 Industry
White Paper
The industrial product 362 industry is in constant flux driven by relentless financial pressure demand cyclicality and increasing customer need for ever more complex products.
Profitable Innovation in High Tech
White Paper
As Moore's laws hold fast and the average lifetime of technology products continues to shrink high tech companies face the constant need to innovate to stay competitive.
Three Demographic MegaTrends to Transform the Aerospace and Defense Workforce
White Paper
Three Demographic MegaTrends to Transform the Aerospace and Defense Workforce an informative white paper from Oracle discusses key trends that are impacting the aerospace and defense workforce today.
Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing Technology Architecture
White Paper
Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing is a modern billing application for banking 360 and health care verticals. The application is built on a 100 Service Oriented Architecture SOA. It supports client business rules through configuration and customization while still maintaining an upgrade path.

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