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HCL's Aerospace practice has experienced an explosive growth in its core avionics skills and ability to run complex and large programs over a period of last five years. HCL's endtoend services both hardware and software in avionics intends to bring the Research Development Transformation to our clients. Learn More

Series 5 ME is constructed to ensure airworthiness and fleet dependability through the advanced maintenance compliance engine. This unique engine coordinates all maintenance related tasks while ensuring proper inventory levels are maintained and purchased at optimized levels to keep your fleet flying and making money. Learn More

ASI has developed CDH software with BuiltIn Simulation/Test which can be targeted and adapted to a wide variety of CDH hardware architectures and mission requirements. Learn More

The purpose of the Skyline Operations Control Center is to help increase aircraft utilization and minimize operational disruptions. The new Skyline Operations Control Center will graphically show flight leg information based on the flight data from the Skyline database. The goal of this module is to deliver complete and reliable flight movement information so that managers may effectively evaluate problems and decide upon cost effective solutions. Learn More

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Three Demographic MegaTrends to Transform the Aerospace and Defense Workforce an informative white paper from Oracle discusses key trends that are impacting the aerospace and defense workforce today. Learn More

Most aircraft companies develop onboard systems software for civilian aircraft based on the guidelines RTCA DO178B/ED12B ''Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification''. Learn More

Sicma Aeroseat designs and manufactures innovative and customized seats for commercial aircraft business planes and helicopters. Learn More

The main objective of this paper is to highlight the role of Global Engineering Partners GEPs in the globalized Aerospace Defense AD supply chain with an emphasis on the certification process. Learn More

HCL's Engineering and RD Division HCL ERS runs a large offshore design development and verification center for Rockwell Collins which encompasses a team of more than 400 dedicated HCL aerospace engineering specialists. Learn More

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