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IBM Maximo® Asset Management for Energy Optimization helps optimize energy efficiency and reduce risk with visual mapping of key energy and environmental metrics Learn More

Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities products help you access organize and use the data you need to monitor activity make decisions and meet goals. Using that base utilities can identify risks determine trends more accurately forecast and identify causeandeffect relationships that otherwise might not have been apparent. Learn More

Capgemini has helped over 200 oil and gas companies in more than 30 countries navigate the uncertainty and fluctuation often associated with energy markets. Our Oil and Gas Center of Excellence CoE provides a full spectrum of consulting technology and outsourcing services Learn More

Contemporary utilities companies operate in an increasingly complex environment driven by everescalating demands on capital continually evolving technology and constantly changing regulations. Learn More

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Western Power Distribution WPD delivers electricity to 2.6 million customers over a service area of more than 26000 sq km. The company employs 2300 staff and maintains a network consisting of 83000 kms of overhead lines and underground cables and 90000 substations. Learn More

Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management is an enterpriseclass application suite built on open standards designed for high levels of automation and scalability for the transformation storage validation estimation and retrieval of meter data. Learn More

Reserves replacement by leading energy companies barely keeps pace with production. Learn More

Using stream computing power utilities can capture and analyze data generated by smart meters to achieve new thresholds of performance while building better consumer relationships Learn More

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