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31281CDAMS Audio Messaging Solutions Sonorous Model 1
The Sonorous Model 1 loads audio from a standard MP3 burned CD using a pure digitaltodigital transfer into a highdensity flash memory file system. The Sonorous yields crystal clear audio and its aluminum and steel construction provides unmatched durability and reliability.
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3Com® AirConnect®
Wireless LANs WLANS are an attractive solution for costeffectively and securely extending mobile access so workers can collaborate even on highbandwidth projects involving video or large graphics. Realize the benefits of this freedom with the WiFi® CERTIFIED® 3Com® AirConnect® 9550 2.45GHz PoE Access Point.
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3Com® Enterprise Management Suite
The 3Com® Enterprise Management Suite EMS Version 2.4 delivers comprehensive management flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of the largest enterprises and advanced networks. This solution provides particularly powerful configuration and change control functionalities including the capability to customize scheduled bulk operations create a detailed audit trail of all network changes and support multiple distributed IT users with varying access levels and individualized network
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3Com® Switch 40x0 Family Overview
The 3Com® Switch 40x0 Family of switches are highperformance wirespeed Layer 2 / Layer 3 / Layer 4 Gigabit switches with dual redundant hotswappable power supplies and fans. These 24port switches are optimized for buildinglevel core and aggregation requirements with flexibility and expansion provided through SFP Small Form Factor Plugin or GBIC transceivers. All these switches optionally support 3Com's patented XRN
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3DDOCTOR is an advanced 3D modeling image processing and measurement software for MRI CT PET microscopy scientific and industrial imaging applications.
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3esolutions Ecommerce solutions
Internet Businesses or Ecommerce Websites have transcended from being a mere virtual platform to a mainstream necessity. Over and above putting your products and services on the web the makings of a truly great ecommerce website lies in converting the uninterested user into a customer and the interested visitor into a repeated customer. We at 3E specialize in providing you end to end ecommerce solutions to manage both customers and business processes effectively. By either customizing an of
3E IT Solutions Ltd
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3EX.NET Ecommerce Software
A bold statement but we genuinely believe that 3EX.NET is the only Ecommerce software solution for all those online retailers who have struggled to integrate different applications and failed to take real advantage of the web. It integrates rich content site management and design with critical backoffice processes such as stock control supply chain and customer relationship management revolutionising the way you sell online. With minimal training 3EX.NET gives you "˜total sovereignty' ov
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3G Phoebus
TOP Global 3G Phoebus is a patented mobile/portable wireless router. 3G Phoebus is the world's first and the most integrated WLAN and 3G/4G solution for Home Small Office and Home Office SOHO. The products are simple to use and can easily setup.
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3i Infotech Enterprise Application Integration EAI
As enterprises spread their boundaries across different business areas they acquire disparate technology solutions technologies and applications. However these applications are often unable to communicate and share information with each other due to several reasons like lack of interoperability variable formats and dissimilar standards of operations. Enterprises are also increasingly looking forward to reconfigure their business processes through tighter integration of applications from mu
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3i Infotech Limited Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services from 3i Infotech enable enterprises to focus on their core competencies lowering the cost of managing IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiencies. It is a powerful combination that gives customers the most advanced IT capabilities while freeing up their resources for more strategic endeavors within their organizations.
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