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Able Software R2V for Windows is a powerful raster to vector conversion software at a reasonable price. R2V combines the power of intelligent automatic vectorizing technology with an easytouse menudriven graphical user interface in the Microsoft Windows environment. The software converts scanned maps or images to vector formats for mapping geographic information systems GIS CAD and scientific computing applications. The system is easy to use and can be learned quickly by users with a
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Rackspace Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting is computation or storage offered as a service supported by a pool of distributed computing resources also known as utility computing or grid computing. Cloud Hosting provides the sharing and management of large amounts of distributed data. It represents the ultimate in scalability for unpredictable demands. Ideal for developers who need a reliable platform for applications without being responsible for the technology. Why should you spend time worrying about web servers when yo
Rackspace US, Inc
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Rackspace Managed Hosting
The simple truth is that we do Managed Hosting better than any other provider. It's not just because we invented it. It's because we've spent the last ten years developing evolving and perfecting it. Not only the technology but also Fanatical Support® that comes with every Rackspace® hosting solution. So no matter what you need"
Rackspace US, Inc
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RACKWISE Data Center Manager
RACKWISE Data Center Manager DCM is an enterprise class software solution. It enables Visualization of your entire data center infrastructure from the data center through the rack to devices and components within those devices. Full Documentation is built into the system for managing today's complex environments. Modeling and unlimited "what if" scenarios are core parts of the software. Data Center Manager DCM provides the ability to analyze data in tabular and graphical formats. Make info
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Radiology Benefit Management
Promoting the efficient use of diagnostic imaging with evidencebased criteria and respect for both the concerns of patients and the skill of their physicians.
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Radware's AppWallTM
Radware's AppWallTM is a Web application firewall WAF appliance that secures Web applications. It enables PCI compliance by mitigating Web application security threats and vulnerabilities to prevent data theft and manipulation of sensitive corporate and customer information. AppWall incorporates advanced patentprotected Web application security filtering technologies to seamlessly detect threats block attacks and report events. AppWall improves the security and availability of businesscr
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RAGE WebDesign
RAGE WebDesign offers support for HTML XHTML Cascading Style Sheets CSS PHP Javascript ASP XML VBScript and so much more. RAGE WebDesign's focus is on providing the tools you need to design code and publish your website. Its got an entire collection of HTML Tools to help make sure your code is standard based error free and online as quickly as possible. You even get a year of FREE web hosting with your purchase to help make sure you get your website up and running
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Rainfinity File Virtualization Appliance
EMC Rainfinity File Virtualization Appliance dramatically simplifies management and helps you achieve greater efficiency from your networked storage by transparently moving data"
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Ramco HCM
Deployed at hundreds of customer sites across more than 34 countries Ramco Human Capital Management HCM addresses the entire employee life cycle. Delivered as on premises enterprise software or through a completely outsourced BPO Ramco HCM provides all types of companies with the leading edge capabilities needed to attract and retain the best workforce. Completely webbased and deployed on a SOA platform Ramco HCM is well suited to enterprise customers with multicountry or global opera
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Ramco Master Data Management
Master Data Management MDM is a combination of systems and expert services that can deliver the single source of truth for disparate enterprise systems. Using a proven methodology refined over many engagements where the end result were new systems deployments Ramco delivers rapid actionable results in as little as 90 days.
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