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Five Trends Impacting the Enterprise IT Help Desk
White Paper
Todays enterprise IT support organizations and help desks are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way technologies are developed deployed and consumed. Applications are evolving faster than ever and a new generation of techsavvy users increasingly expects the latest and greatest tech advancements. How can IT organizations offer comprehensive support without increasing costs This paper presents five interrelated trends that are set to impact IT support now and in the future.
TRUSTe Finds Time Savings and Independence with RingCentral
Case Study
When moving to new offices TRUSTe decided to explore the benefits of adopting a hosted phone system and doing away with their traditional PBX infrastructure. They wanted a solution that empowered their employees to configure their phone systems to work the way they like to work
Case Study
The New Authentication Paradigm
White Paper
An increasingly mobile workforce the move to the cloud and the proliferation of mobile devices used by employees are blurring the boundaries of the traditional network security perimeter. Download now for insights into the changing market forces the move to SaaS and to understand how Authentication as a Service can enable companies to pursue a consistent authentication policy across the organization with speed ease and a significantly reduced spend.
Mobile Device Management MDM Policies Best Practices Guide
White Paper
This document is designed to give you Mobile Device Management MDM best practices weve developed while working with our extensive customer base. It will also show you how MaaS360 can help you. MaaS360 is designed to give you maximum control over mobile devices so you can reduce risks to your corporate data and ensure employee productivity. It will watch over your devices both employeeowned and those provided by the corporation making sure they comply with corporate security policies.
Learn How 8x8's VoIP Phone Solutions Meet Tomorrow's Small Business Challenges
White Paper
Switching to an 8x8 VoIP phone system is fast easy and inexpensive. Download this white paper now to help your small business improve productivity with VoIP phone service significantly reduce your costs capitalize on emerging opportunities improve your customer service and enhance your company's professional image.

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