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Kaspersky AntiSpam 3.0 Performs Best Among Leading Antispam Products Wins Top Award From Virus Bu
Press Release
Kaspersky Lab a leading developer of secure content management systems announces that Kaspersky AntiSpam 3.0 has received the Platinum Award from Virus Bulletin an authoritative British IT security magazine.
Kaspersky Lab announces the structural reorganization of EEMEA Geographic Division
Press Release
Kaspersky Lab a leading developer of secure content management solutions announces the launch of a new business unit for the EEMEA region â
Kaspersky Lab stresses Cybercrime fight at CeBIT 2009
Press Release
Kaspersky Lab a leading developer of secure content management solutions invites you to visit stand â
Keeping up with the 2012 U.S. election with Google.com/Elections
Press Release
From the nineteenth century's pamphlets to the twentieth century's TV ad revolution our elections have always been shaped by how we communicate and consume information. There's no question that the Internet is set to deliver more political information opinion and news than any other medium throughout the 2012 U.S. elections. The web offers candidate and issue info to voters networking and fundraising platforms for campaigns and research and productivity tools for journalists.
Key 2014 Contact Center Trends and Priorities: How You Can Be Ready
Contact center technology and delivering a great customer experience continue to evolve. What was hot yesterday is old news today. Current trends include the widespread adoption of cloud solutions, the addition of social media to the multichannel mix, the impact of smart phones and tablets, the need to accurately capture the voice of the customer, and new methods for measuring agent effectiveness. So what will be the hot technologies in 2014 and, more importantly, how can you be ready?
Key Components Of Your Resiliency Strategy
White Paper
DDoS attacks continue to grow in size, frequency and complexity, forcing network-dependent companies to implement a plan for protection. However, recent research from Forrester suggests many companies are coming up short in their DDoS attack protection strategy. Learn how changes in processes or technology can improve your DDoS attack readiness.
Key Considerations for Purchasing Disk-based Backup
When a company determines that they are going to replace their tape-based backup with a disk solution, there are a number of questions that should be asked to make the transition as seamless as possible. Download this article to learn how to avoid common pitfalls of migrating to disk-based backup solution and find out how to utilize deduplication to ease the process.
Keys to Successful BYOD Planning Consider Both Short and LongTerm Needs
The days are long gone when the only place employees can get the job done is in the office. Your users aren't confined to desks or devices. With the advent of bringyourowndevice BYOD technologies it's time you put a successful BYOD program into place. During this live webcast on Wednesday January 16 2013 join Craig Mathias of Farpoint Group and Neal Foster of Dell as they discuss how you can introduce and manage a BYOD program.
Kick-starting Your Content Syndication Strategy: 5 Best Practices
White Paper
The typical B2B buyer’s journey starts with content found on the web. Since content now plays such a pivotal role in the buying decision process, it is important to develop a strategy that reflects this reality.
White Paper
Killing Administrator Rights: Solving Three Problems by Removing Administrative Rights
White Paper
Windows users have known only binary privileges: Do you have rights or don’t you? What if you could find a solution that aligns user actions with those you’ve specifically permitted?

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