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Obtaining Fortune 500 Security without Busting your Budget
White Paper
Security managers at midsize companies are accountable for safeguarding their organizations' network technologies with limited budget resources. On top of that they have to keep up with evolving technology security threats regulatory compliance and security policies. Finding a solution can be overwhelming and very costly. This whitepaper explores the problems within traditional network setups and how a log management solution can help solve these problems without busting your IT budget.
OneFabric Data Center: Enabling a Software Defined Data Center
White Paper
The evolution of data center services is well underway. New protocols and standards along with the capacity and control of network technology allows for more efficient and more intelligent forwarding inside the data center fabric. OneFabric by Enterasys is a unified network fabric purpose-built to deliver business-critical applications while ensuring a high quality end user experience. It delivers a simplified and enhanced data center fabric solution to improve performance and increase agility.
Online Marketing: Content Marketing to Keep Google Happy
White Paper
It is no secret that people are spending more and more time on the Internet. This makes creating a marketing strategy incredibly important for all businesses, but it can be tough to know where to begin. Internet marketing is extremely complex; so complex in fact that there are millions of businesses that focus entirely on giving internet marketing advice and offering online marketing services. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of clever content marketing.
White Paper
Open Source BPM Comes of Age
White Paper
This paper will illustrate the experience of freelance BPM consultant Jordi Anguela as he launches Bonita Open Solution 5. Over the last eight months he has been following the evolution of the product and this document intends to provide an overview of the key functionalities of the solution. He will also use a concrete business example of an insurance claim to show the different features and functionalities of Open Solution 5.
Operational Business Intelligence The Lawson Approach
White Paper
Business intelligence BI software has been around for over two decades.
Operational Responsiveness in Insurance
White Paper
The ability to sense and respond to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur is rapidly becoming essential for insurers. Immediate insights provide real advantages especially in the most competitive marketsâ
Opportunities & Challenges of Social Media in the Workplace
White Paper
Insight on social media techiques and best practices for startups and growing businesses.
Optimize a Lead Nurturing Campaign 5 Steps to Boost Conversation and Warm a Cold List
White Paper
This MarketingSherpa white paper explores how to optimize your lead nurturing campaign with five steps to boost conversions and includes a case study that reveals how one company was able to revive a cold prospect list.
Optimizing Network and Client Performance Through Dynamic Airtime Scheduling
White Paper
In wireless LANs one thing is certain wireless performance is often not as advertised. Wireless is a shared medium meaning that all clients and neighboring APs compete for the same limited bandwidth in addition each client's speed varies depending on the protocol it is running 802.11 a/b/g/n and the signal strength interference and noise it is experiencing.
Optimizing Replication Server Systems for Murex application Mx.3 on Sybase ASE 15
White Paper
When large organizations deploy Replication Server for missioncritical Murex systems that have very low requirements on failover time the right tuning will achieve optimal efficiency and ultralow latency. This document describes tuning suggestions and their rationale in the context of ASE and Replication Server.
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