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The Short Code Marketing Opportunity
White Paper
Today consumers look at every text message they receive. For marketers that presents an immense opportunity yes but also an obligation to not contaminate this marketing and communications channel. Marketers should look at SMS and see an opportunity to engage with a core customer base in a new and unique fashion. Short code marketing has the potential of a mass medium but requires a personal execution. Read on to see how your company can harness this powerful and innovative technology.
Common Short Codes Cracking the Mobile Marketing Code
White Paper
Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing advertising channels today. No organization or brand can afford to be left behind in the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace so the most important thing for brands to take away from this report is to start today and to begin to take up the tools outlined in this report to realize the potential of this powerful new medium.
Common Short Codes The Time is Now for Mobile Marketing and Outreach
White Paper
Common Short Codes represent the fastest surest and most proven way for brands and organizations of any size to obtain access to today's mobile culture and create a mobile presence. Using CSCs and layering on a mobile marketing campaign can typically represent a fraction of a marketing budget and existing marketing collateral and information can easily be repurposed for mobile. Companies should begin to think today about how to mobilize their brands with CSCs.
Reaching the Widest Audience with Mobile Marketing
White Paper
Increase Your Marketing ROI by Adding Mobile SMS to Your Mix. Add SMS marketing to your mix TODAY and watch your ROI soar. Engage the widest possible audience in a medium they love. In this paper, learn how brands are measuring success with SMS Mobile Marketing campaigns, how to leverage SMS to increase responses and ROI with existing media spends, and more. With SMS, get access to nearly every mobile consumer in the U.S.

The Mobile Revolution
You use multiple customer touch points to engage with your audiences. Your corporate website. Email. Social networks like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. And of course mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Gartner predicts that by 2013 mobile browsing will eclipse desktop browsing. That means your audience will access your site via their mobile device like a smartphone or tablet more than via their desktop browser. Is your business prepared for the mobile revolution
Mobile Is The New Face Of Engagement
White Paper
According to Forrester
Keys to Successful BYOD Planning Consider Both Short and LongTerm Needs
The days are long gone when the only place employees can get the job done is in the office. Your users aren't confined to desks or devices. With the advent of bringyourowndevice BYOD technologies it's time you put a successful BYOD program into place. During this live webcast on Wednesday January 16 2013 join Craig Mathias of Farpoint Group and Neal Foster of Dell as they discuss how you can introduce and manage a BYOD program.
New Webcast Mobility in the Workplace
Because worker expectations have changed about how where and when they access corporate data and applications mobility has taken on an even greater focus for todays enterprises. This webcast will look at todays trends and challenges when approaching the development of a corporate mobile strategy. We will explore this as well as how you implement it the components you should consider and the benefits you will gain.
The Best Business Phone Systems for Companies of Any Size
A business needs a solid business infrastructure in order to succeed in today's marketplace. And one of the most basic building blocks of a company's infrastructure is its business phone system. In this guide we'll explain how to find the best phone system for your business whether you're a startup or a large public company.

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Five Trends Impacting the Enterprise IT Help Desk
White Paper
Todays enterprise IT support organizations and help desks are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way technologies are developed deployed and consumed. Applications are evolving faster than ever and a new generation of techsavvy users increasingly expects the latest and greatest tech advancements. How can IT organizations offer comprehensive support without increasing costs This paper presents five interrelated trends that are set to impact IT support now and in the future.
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