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Selecting the Right Cloud Storage for VM Backup
White Paper
Server virtualization has brought many improvements to the data center one clear one is how much easier server data protection and availability can be. This is especially true with VMware focused backup solutions like those from Veeam Quest vRanger and Dell AppAssure. Cloud storage can be the perfect complement to these solutions but knowing how to select the right cloud storage for VM backup is critical.
Vendor Landscape Cloud Backup Gateways
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External cloud storage is an emerging alternative to internally hosted disk or tape as the final destination for replicated data. Fresh approaches from a range of new players are augmenting traditional
A Snapshot into Cloud Storage Adoption
White Paper
In June 2012 TwinStrata conducted a survey of more than 100 attendees of Cloud Computing Expo in New York designed to get a feel for the state of cloud storage within this highly selfselecting group. We gathered responses through a short survey recognizing that answers would be biased toward organizations favorably disposed toward cloud computing in general and would likely be more mature than the general population. Take a look at this paper to see what we learned.
How to Make Cloud Storage as Secure as Local Storage
White Paper
Cloud storage can bring many benefits to the modern data center. It can reduce storage costs storage footprint and storage management all of which saves the organization money and reduces staffing demands. In this era of flat IT budgets draped across growing storage demands it may be the only way an organization can keep up. The key is security making sure that the data placed in the cloud remains uniquely the organization's and those that the organization decides to grant access to.
Imagine expanding your IT resources at the touch of a button. TwinStrata started with that very vision in mind to simplify the expansion of data storage resources via seamless access to cloud storage. We call it
Gridstore A Different Approach to Scale Out Storage
White Paper
Companies of all sizes are seeing an increased dependency on technology that is significantly increasing the amount of data generated. Many vendors have offered a scaledout option for storage but the popular clustered approach creates a bottleneck with serious performance and latency issues. This IDC Vendor Profile reviews Gridstore a storage company offering scaleout options that show better performance reliability and scaling while offering users a simplified approach to storage.
The End of Big Storage
White Paper
Monolithic storage was never designed for the data growth rates of 60 or more per year that we experience today. But Gridstore has now made scalable and effcient storage architecture available in a way that any sized company can utilize it while leveraging existing IT skills. The Grid allows you to start with only what you need today and grow to any capacity you need tomorrow while only paying as you grow. Now even the smallest business can afford to deploy powerful storage.
Gridstore is the leading provider of grid based scaleout storage that turns simple storage building blocks into the worlds most powerful and affordable storage without limits. Gridstore brings the era of mainframe style monolithic storage and its disruptive forklift upgrades to an end. The Grid allows businesses to start small and pay as they grow to any size while growing more powerful with each additional block. Eliminate the frustrations of planning and forecasting for the unknown. No more he
How Blade Servers Impact Data Center Management And Agility
White Paper
This Technology Adoption Profile TAP examines enterprise adoption of blade servers in the US the UK and China the benefits of blade server use and the connection between enterprise data center management and agility goals and blade server use. The profile reveals that blades are highly associated with core infrastructure consolidation and optimization efforts and offer high value to users as a virtualization platform and a means of reducing opex in the data center.
Analytics The RealWorld Use of Big Data
Join us on Wednesday November 7 2012 at 100 p.m. ET to hear the latest results of the 2012 study on big data conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value and the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Based on a global survey of more than 1100 business and IT executives this quantitative study examines the journey that organizations are taking to achieve business value from big data.
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