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Neustar Audience Targeting Solutions
White Paper

Find out how you can reach the most elusive audiences online by targeting ads by location, industry and demographics. Review the Guide for more information on best practices to reduce ad waste and increase ROI with Neustar's best-in-class data and complete online advertising solution. Start reaching audiences no one else can and rise above your competition with precision targeting.

5 Ways Dynamic Content Can Rock Your Website Marketing
White Paper

Ready to rock your website marketing? Discover 5 ways to boost your conversions with personalized content. See how IP intelligence can help you personalize content to boost conversions, revenues and repeat business. It starts with delivering a more relevant, engaging web experience. Learn how to display the right products to people in the right locations, tailor offers and pricing, and more with IP intelligence.

Best Practices for Load Testing
White Paper
Why load test? Simple. To determine how many customers your website or application will support-- before you find out the hard way, with degraded performance or an outage, usually when it's least convenient. To make load testing less daunting, this white paper breaks load testing down into the following key milestones and activities. Read on to learn more.
Neustar Inc. NYSE NSR is a trusted neutral provider of realtime information and analysis to the Internet telecommunications information services financial services retail media and advertising sectors. Neustar applies its advanced secure technologies in location identification and evaluation to help its customers promote and protect their businesses.
What Gets Measured Gets Done How the Right Measures Drive Better Engineering
White Paper
Read this whitepaper to learn about the 5 best practices for engineering performance management and understand the dos and donts of metrics management analytics and reporting in software development environments.
Leading Geeks Series Build a Motivated Team
White Paper
The funny thing about geeks is they like to work. The trick is to create an environment where technical professionals can let their natural motivation thrive and avoid demotivating them. This brief guide by Paul Glen CEO of Leading Geeks explains how to achieve these two critical goals when managing IT pros and other technical staff. And yes free food is part of the equation.
vSphere Storage Appliance Technical White Paper
White Paper
This technical white paper covers the the vSphere® Storage Appliance VSA architecture deployment of a VSA cluster and basic monitoring and management. Discover that VSA is resilient and easy to deploy while enabling you to use advanced vSphere features like vSphere HA vMotion® and vSphere DRS.
Data Data Everywhere A Special Report on Managing Information
White Paper
Are you drowning in a sea of data Look no further for relief and find key insights in just a few key words. Introducing SAP BusinessObjects Explorer an intuitive informationdiscovery tool that lets you search vast amounts of data in seconds. Discover the answers you need to know as well as the questions you didn't know to ask. It's how business gets done in a clear new world. Read on to learn more.
The Platform Strikes Back The Advantages of a Single Comprehension Analytics Solution
White Paper
his Analyst Insight drawn from two Aberdeen data sets examines organizations that use a single comprehensive solution to meet all of their BI needs. The research finds that they get more leverage out of their scarce IT resources and are more likely to get information into the hands of the managers that need it in a timely way. Read on to learn how you can get the most out of your BI solution.
Why Leading Marketers Outperform
Ever wonder why some marketers are simply better than others. Join us to learn how leading marketing practitioners excel at engaging individual customers in realtime with a finely tuned system of engagement.
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