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Bridging OnPremise Identities with Webbased and Cloud Applications
As organizations move more of their operations into the Cloud who should have access The key is bridging the gap between onpremise and Cloud and Webbased Identity Management. But the big question is how do you do that In this program leading experts from Gartner and Radiant Logic answer that question and more.
HP CloudSystem Matrix Benefits of Private Cloud and InfrastructureasaService Today
White Paper
HP CloudSystem Matrix is the ideal platform for private cloud and infrastructureasaservice IaaS that enables you to provision infrastructure and applications in minutes rather than months. Built on HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Cloud Service Automation for Matrix CloudSystem Matrix offers a selfservice infrastructure portal for autoprovisioning and builtin lifecycle management to optimize infrastructure monitor applications and increase uptime for your cloud and traditional IT.
DynamicOps Cloud Suite
This cloudenablement suite
Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager Proves Critical as AlertBoot Moves to the Cloud
Case Study
When AlertBoot switched to the cloud it needed a load balancing solution that would support its migration and prevent as much downtime as possible. The company chose Riverbed® Stingray
Taking Enterprise Application Integration Into The Cloud
White Paper
If you're like a lot of CIOs you've been in this business a long time and have pretty much seen it all. It's hard not to look at SaaS and cloud computing as just another fad another name for things you've been doing for years. But as was the case with the advent of the internet there are some fundamental transformations occurring in cloud computing that would be detrimental to ignore. The emergence of cloud based integration platforms is one of those shifts.
Data in the Cloud The Dilemma for Business and IT
White Paper
Using "the cloud" brings challenges as well as opportunity and promise. In particular cloudbased applications and services pose information management challenges that don't necessarily exist in onpremises solutions. The applications and software tools that enable doing business in the cloud also are new places where corporate data resides and is accessed data repositories that must be managed and integrated with other enterprise data stores.
Susan Test Company
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Web Conferencing BG Travel the World
White Paper
There are now clear compelling reasons to purchase a Web conferencing solution for the success of your business. The FREE Buyer's Guide to Web Conferencing enumerates what you need to know about how a Web conferencing solution can help save your company money without giving up any of the quality interactions necessary to your business!
Web Conferencing CG F2F Meetings
White Paper
See how other businesses large and small are now investing in easy and flexible Web conferencing solutions to help keep operating and travel costs down while fostering the importance of quality communication interaction and face time between employees clients and partners.
Trends Report Customer Relationship Management
White Paper
Effectively and efficiently managing customer relationships is job No. 1 in most businesses. Are you ready for the coming changes in the customer relationship management CRM landscape What trends should be on your radar in the next 12 months
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