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How to Sell Management on a New ERP System
White Paper
Enterprise resource planning systems or ERP systems have become much more accessible to midsize and even smaller companies in that past three years. Standard features have matured eliminating much of the guesswork of software selection while the systems have become easier to deploy and use. Use this checklist to sell your management on a new ERP system.
10 Golden Rules for Choosing an ERP System
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Before you can choose a solution you must consider your organization's business goals expectations about the benefits you'll gain from ERP and the business processes that will be integrated with the ERP solution. Following these 10 golden rules will help you choose an ERP system for your organization.
3 Key ERP Features and How to Use Them Effectively
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ERP modules for global enterprises have more features and are more sophisticated than modules for midmarket and smaller companies modules designed for SMBs are streamlined to fit their requirements. In general these three modules will deliver basic ERP benefits to any company regardless of size or industry.
10 Tips to Optimize Your ERP Initiatives
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Enterprise relationship planning or ERP is notoriously complex to implement. Working closely with your vendor to configure and customize the solution as necessary choosing the right delivery model for your organization and following this list of 10 tips can help you optimize your ERP initiative.
Hidden Gems 5 ERP Vendors You Might Not Have Considered
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The ERP market is evolving and modernizing with new technologies and software delivery modes including cloud computing and the old titans of the market Epicor Microsoft NetSuite Oracle Sage and SAP for example aren't the only game in town. It's a good idea to include newer vendors too in your search for an ERP system.
Future Tech Where Will ERP Be in Two Years
White Paper
Many ERP systems are deeply entrenched in organizations and their core technologies are mature yet ERP is in a state of flux. The ERP of the future promises to be simplified more accessible and easier to use shaped by trends that began taking hold this year.
The State of ERP Systems in 2011
White Paper
This is in an interesting period for enterprise resource planning or ERP systems and a potentially volatile one for ERP vendors. The changes that define the state of ERP in 2011 including simplification mobility and cloud computing will continue to shape this wideranging business software in the near future.
Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Comparison Guide
White Paper
This guide compares 27 of the top Enterprise Resource Planning ERP vendors across a variety of features price points operating systems supported and more.
Five Steps for Switching ERP Vendors
White Paper
Despite the money and time invested in an existing ERP system some organizations need to switch to a new solution. ERP deployments are notoriously complex and jumping into a 'rip and replace' scenario can be even trickier than installing ERP for the first time. Get a solid start by following these five steps for switching ERP vendors.
EmpCenter Fatigue Management
EmpCenter Fatigue Management FM automates all facets of fatigue risk mitigation to ensure employee work hour limits are enforced and that employees are fit for duty. As part of a fatigue risk mitigation strategy EmpCenter FM can help boost productivity improve morale reduce operating costs and reduce the risk of fines and litigation.
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