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Cut Costs with Free Price Quotes on Medical Billing Software and this Complimentary Buyer Guide
Now is the time to purchase new medical billing software. However this extremely specialized software comes in all shapes and sizes which can lead to uncertainty and piles of problems when attempting to choose the best software for your business. Before you decide on a specific software provider you need to assess your medical office needs. Here are some frequent questions you'll want to consider.
Preventing Insider Threats on a budget Access Control for your Microsoft Windows Network
Join Concentrated Tech's Don Jones for some tips and tricks on better access control using native tools and Quest Software's Todd Tobias for advice on making an even stronger impact on access control across some of the most important business software platforms. Including information on Windows Server 2012's new Dynamic Access Control DAC this webinar will help you get a stronger grip on access control and prepare your organization for better security auditing and reporting going forward.
Security that Matters
When it comes to IT security more and more organizations realize they can't do it alone. We face more threats from more sources with potentially more dangerous consequences. And with more IT services moving into areas like virtualization and the cloud security needs to follow. br /br / But what exactly is managed security What advantages can it offer over your current efforts And where do you turn to find the right managed security solution and partner for your needs
Bit9 Parity Suite Moving Beyond a Porous Perimeter
White Paper
The recognition of the extent of cyber espionage and the emergence of the Advanced Persistent Threat APT require a more proactive approach to protecting enterprise intellectual property IP Personally Identifiable Information PII and the very viability of enterprise information systems. What is needed is more automated effective correlation and intelligent analysis of the overwhelming quantity of system data.
Threat Advisor Cyber Threats Target Intellectual Property
White Paper
The theft of corporate intellectual property has received a lot of recent media attention. The publicity is warranted Cyber security breaches go largely undetected and the economic impact of stolen trade secrets source code drug and chemical formulas and product designs has become increasingly serious. This Threat Advisor will examine the evolving threat landscape in regards to IP and explore how application control has become a critical component of any effective IP protection strategy.
Threat Advisor Protecting Your Domain Controllers
White Paper
Attackers largely nation states and cyber criminals are after corporate intellectual property IPeverything from chemical formulas and vaccines to military data and source codeall valuable competitive information. Rather than attacking directly the servers that house such information advanced persistent attackers are targeting domain controllers so as to gain access to all information repositories and systems within the company.
Bit9 Parity Suite Helps Secure Largest Teaching Hospital in the Northeast
White Paper
One of the largest teaching hospitals in the Northeast had been attacked by three different computer viruses in six months. The IT team realized that they needed another stronger line of defense to complement their antivirus software.They required an automated and costeffective solution that would proactively detect and stop zeroday threats and other malicious code before it could impact business operations.
Realistic Security Realistically Deployed Today's Application Control Whitelisting
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Historically IT defense has focused largely on the threat. Socalled "blacklist" technologies maintain an inventory of specific attack types and provide defense against each. Today the volume variety and sophistication of attacks highlights the limitations of such approaches as signature databases approach their upper limits and leave exploitable gaps in defense.
Accounting Consulting Giant Relies on Bit9 Parity Suite to Secure Preserve Corporate Culture
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BDO's workers are incredibly mobile90 of the company's 3000 endpoints are laptops. At any given time 50 of users are out of the office visiting clients. They work from remote sites such as customer workspaces or hotels. However BDO started to face serious issues with this "open" approach."Despite security protocols such as antivirus software on all laptops and extensive user training we were still dealing with malware on a regular basis" says Ben Stuart desktop engineer for the firm.
2012 Bit9 Cyber Security Research Report
White Paper
According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Bit9 IT and security professionals are well aware of the changing nature of cyber attacks how advanced attacks target their infrastructure and what they would like to see as the most effective strategies for protecting their organizations. Importantly the majority of IT and security professionals believe their organizations will be the target of an advanced attack within the next six months.
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